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I. Introduction 

     Center for Advanced Educational Programs (AEP) was founded in 2006. AEP was built and standardized according to Finance Training Program which belongs to CBA - College of Business and Administration from the California State University Long Beach - one of 23 public universities  in California, USA. Advanced program was the first training program in the center, with two majors: Finance and Accounting. POHE program for the tourism industry and hotels majors started and recruited in 2008. In 2010, Excellent Educational Program was deployed with 6 majors: Audit, Banking, Investment, International Business, Business Management and Marketing Management and becomes 10 majors in 2017 with: Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, International Economics and Economics Development. The center was officially renamed as Center for Advanced Educational Program in 2013. With  10 years experiences in education and training, AEP has been maintaining 4 majors training programs which include: advanced program, excellent program, POHE programs, American Bachelor Degree in the form 2+2 program and many students exchange projects in summer in the US.

     AEP always tries to bring a more modern, effective learning environment to students. Students are trained towards comprehensive development, they are not only provided in - depth knowledge about their major, but also enhanced the orientation training activities, courses about soft skills development. With the purpose of teaching well and creating useful extracurricular activities for students, AEP are constantly trying to develop to deserve a place for young talents to shine.


II. The function:

     AEP is operated for training talented bachelors who have intensive knowledge to meet the higher requirements of work and contribute to the university’s progress of reaching the regional and international standard.

     The center’s trained bachelors will acquire the basic knowledge, be as systematic and modern as the advanced programs in the world; gain the ability of analyzing, studying, determining policies and solving specific issues; be able to use English in communication and work fluently; understand modern and intensive knowledge. In addition, Advanced Educational Programs are high practicality and they suit Vietnamese students.

III. Structure, leaders, staffs:

      1. Structure:


       2. Leaders

Prof. Dr. Tran Tho Dat – Head of board management.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong – Director of AEP

Dr. Dam Son Toai – Vice Director of AEP

Dr. Luong Thu Ha - Vice Director of AEP

       3. Staffs of AEP:

There are 17 staffs at AEP office including:

  • Associate Professor: 1
  • Dr: 2
  • MBA: 11
  • Bachelor: 3

     The AEP office comes from a various departments and faculties in NEU. All lecturers graduated from universities in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, England, France, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and so on. All of them are expertised in their majors. Also, they are experienced and creative in conveying knowledge to students as well. Lecturers in AEP do not only teach with their great enthusiasm, but also inspire students to deeply scrutinize the issues for further understanding and self-improvement.


IV. The Undergraduate study

AEP supplies superior education and training for students with 4 main programs:

  • Advanced Education Program (AEP): AEP includes 2 majors: Finance and Accounting, with all subjects are touch in English. The curriculum and textbooks used in teaching are adapted from California State University, Long Beach, (CSULB) in USA.
  • Excellent Education Program (EEP): EEP includes 10 majors: Audit, Banking, Investment, International Business, Administrative Management, Marketing management, Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, International Economics and Economics Development.
  • Profession-Oriented  Higher Education (POHE): POHE includes 5 majors: Hospitality Management (specialized in Hospitality Management), Hotel Administration (specialized in Hotel Administration), Marketing (specialized in Communicating Marketing), Commercial Business (Commercial Administrative Management), Law (Business Law).
  • American Bachelor Degree (ABD): A program bases on the cooperation between National Economics University and California State University, San Bernardino, USA. The program trains managing skills and knowledge in many areas such as Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, etc.

In addition, the center offers its students an education exchange program with USA in summer and Science Research Event annually.

V. Achievements of the unit

     After many great efforts of building and developing a modern, effective, aggressive environment through meaningful activities for students, the Center for Advanced Educational Programs has proved its position and value in training talented bachelors who meet the increasing needs of recruitment agencies due to not only intensive knowledge but also great professional and soft skills.

     Through generations, AEP bachelors not only found their great and stable occupations, but also become successful businessmen or be high social positions. Annually, AEP honorably receives awards from Educational and Training Minister for “Excellent Labor Community” and from NEU’s President  for great work in many years. These achievements  have brought the motivation to the Center of Advanced Educational Programs in building an ever better learning environment, consistently upgrading training capability to become a leading educator of future bachelors for NEU and for the country as well.

 VI. Student activities at AEP

     The Communist Youth Union of AEP is a unit belonging to Center for Advanced Educational Program and HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union in NEU. Every year, the union organizes many meaningful events ranging from knowledge and skills contests, volunteer activities to training program for students of the AEP Center such as “Green Summer Volunteer Campaign”, “Exam season supporting”, AEP Master Chef Cooking Contest, AEP Football League, musical shows, welcoming intakes show, etc.  Center also has been successful in creating a dynamic and energetic environment for students with many achievements. To be specific, students in Center have opportunities to learn and grow many potential abilities though various activities.   

     Student activities have always been organized excitingly with 8 Departments and Clubs belonging to the communist youth union of AEP like Union and Party Improvement Department, Event Department, Art Performing Department, Sport Department, AEP World Magazine, GYC Club, DES Club, ETS Club.

     In a 10 years period of time, The Communist Youth Union of AEP has confirmed the position and important role of organizing activities for students in the Center. The union was very honored to receive awards as well as certificates such as:

-Certificate of Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union for being an excellent performing unit in Union activities and youth movement in university year 2014-2015.

-Certificate of Hanoi Communist Union for being an excellent performer in Union activities and youth movement in university year 2013-2014


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