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Degree Offered:                      Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

Language of Instruction:       English and Vietnamese

Time Schedule:                       Fulltime

Program duration:                 4 years

Enrollment:                            August

Graduation:                            August

Website:                                       Tel/Fax: (+8424) 36 280 280 (ext. 6005)

Address: Center for Advanced Educational Programs – National Economics University, 207 Giai Phong Road, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi



Excellent Educational Program have 10 majors: Audit, Banking, Investment, International Business, Administrative Management, Marketing management, Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, International Economics and Economics Development.

Basing on international  standard, EEP aims to use modern teaching mythologies to develop the creativity and activeness of students.


Program design: the program is based on a credit system, regulated by NEU policies for Excellent Educational Program.

Admission Requirements:

Students pass the National University Entrance Examination hosted by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.


Entrance Exams:

Students take the test including: English test, written essay in Vietnamese and individual interview in Vietnamese.



Application must be sent to Center for Advanced Educational Programs before the deadline of submitting profile in September.

Course Structure:

- General Education excluding:            Physical and Defense Trainings and preparatory English

- Professional Education including:     + Fundamentals of business

                                                            + Fundamentals of majors

                                                            + Specialization in the majors

                                                            + Supportive trainings, internship and independent research

Estimated Tuition fee:            about US$ 160/month

Other support:

- Text books and academic materials in English

- Computer room, e-library and updated documents

- Well-equipped classrooms with air conditioner, projector and free wireless internet

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