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The National Economics University (NEU) was founded in 1956. Since its establishment, NEU has always paid special attention to developing international academic cooperation. The university’s international cooperation activities include not only cooperative training programs but also joint research projects and other activities, such as lecturer and student exchanges. The Center for Advanced Educational Programs (AEP) is one department in National Economics University and was founded in 2006. AEP was built and standardized according to Finance Training Program which belongs to CBA - College of Business and Administration from the California State University Long Beach - one of 23 public universities in California, USA.


Timing and duration:

The AEP seeks to appoint lecturers for the 2017-2018 academic year to administer lectures and tutorials. The 2017-2018 academic year starts on January 09, 2018 and successful candidates should start January 1st 2018. Additional shorter courses are available during the year. All schedule can be found in the attachment. This is an open call, so applications for future semesters and academic years are also welcome.


Experience and qualifications required:

Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience.

Ph.D with standard of research or MBA plus international license (CFA, ACCA..), faculties have the ability to teach international students.

Good communication skills.

Dedication and flexibility


Main duties and responsibilities:

Teaching undergraduate courses.

Administrative work.


How to apply:

Eligible applicants should submit a cover letter, full curriculum vitae including lecturing and teaching activities and relevant supporting documents and 2 letters of recommendation to

Candidates will be expected to contribute to the preparation of academic programming in advance of commercement of classes.

Candidates are responsible for checking their eligibility requirements for entry to Vietnam.

Interested candidates should inquire about the salary range directly to NEU at

*Successful candidates may have the right to special privileges granted to personnel working for other falcuties of NEU.



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