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AEP Future Schooling 2023

12, Tháng 06, 2023

The AEP Future Schooling is an annual event organized for highschool students, as well as their parents, aiming to provide information and address inquiries regarding university admissions, particularly the admission process of the National Economics University in general and School of Advanced Education Programs in particular.

Station 1 – Phan Dinh Phung High School

The first destination in the AEP Future Schooling event series is Phan Dinh Phung High School. On the morning of April 13th, dynamic AEP team had the opportunity to meet and chat with the lovely students there, bringing them useful admission information through various activities. The students were excited to learn about extracurricular activities and student clubs at AEP, especially when they found out that many of team members were former students of Phan Dinh Phung High School.

Station 2: Yen Hoa High School

On the morning of April 16th, Future Schooling 2023 had the opportunity to visit and provide admission counseling during the Enrollment Day at Yen Hoa High School. We were lucky to receive questions and the interest of numerous parents and students. Ms To Nga, a mother shared, “The counseling team of AEP is very enthusiastic. Seeing these dynamic AEP students, I also hope that my child will become an AEPer, having oppertuniy  being trained in a Professional and dynamic learning environment like them.

Station 3: Pham Hong Thai High School

The next stop of the AEP Future Schooling 2023 team is Pham Hong Thai High School. On April 18th, the counseling team was delighted to have the opportunity to meet and talk with the students. Theynwere very enthusiastic about learning different majors and extracurricular activities, setting them as their goals for the upcoming years.

Station 4: Tran Phu High School

The journey of Future Schooling continues with other destinations. On the morning of April 19th, AEP Future Schooling 2023 and the AGYC Event Committee arrived at Tran Phu High School, where we received many questions from the lovely students. That morning surely left unforgettable memories not only for the admissions counseling team but also for the students here, especially when we had the opportunity to visit their classrooms, engage with them closely, and have friendly conversations. The Tran Phu team has a great passion for basketball, and AEP also has a strong basketball team that gathers talented individuals from various places.

Station 5: Viet Duc High School

Thank you to the fifth stop – Viet Duc High School, for the lively participation in the Future Schooling 2023 admissions counseling session held on April 20th. The students asked cool questions about the admissions process, information about the institute, and especially the student life of those currently studying at AEP. Known as one of the leading high schools in Hanoi for student activities and events, the students of Viet Duc High School were excited to learn that AEP organizes numerous big events for students every year, such as King & Queen, AEP’s Got Talent, Transfer Station, AEP Master Chef, and more. AEP and the team are looking forward to welcoming them and organizing even more exciting and enjoyable programs and events.

We are always here and eagerly await many more questions from our “little goldfish” to support them fully on their journey of “transforming into dragons” in the upcoming stages!


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