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Collaboration Between School of Advanced Education Programs and Cengage Learning Sets Stage for Innovative Learning

25, Tháng 10, 2023

Hanoi – In a significant move toward modernizing educational practices, the School of Advanced Education Programs joined forces with Cengage Learning, a prominent educational content company, to explore innovative learning solutions for students worldwide.

With an impressive collection of more than 35,000 copyrighted books and high-quality academic textbooks, Cengage Learning has established itself as a key player in shaping contemporary learning experiences. Operating across 125 countries and with a headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, the company is dedicated to preparing students for a dynamic future through its cutting-edge technological offerings.

On Monday afternoon, October 23, 2023, the School of Advanced Education Programs held a constructive meeting with Mr. Sean Tey, the General Manager in charge of Higher Education, and Ms. Minh Hieu, the Account Manager from Cengage Learning Publishing Company. Notably, Dr. Vu Van Ngoc, the Dean of the School, and other international cooperation representatives actively participated in the discussions.

The focal point of the meeting revolved around introducing the School’s undergraduate programs and evaluating the effectiveness of the learning materials provided by Cengage Learning. Both parties extensively analyzed the benefits and limitations of the current textbook system, shedding light on the increasing demand for digital learning resources, particularly eTextbooks, in the contemporary educational landscape.

Speaking on behalf of Cengage Learning, Mr. Tey emphasized the company’s commitment to spearheading the digital transformation in education, showcasing the functionality of their eTextbooks on the MindTap platform to illustrate their comprehensive approach to student and faculty engagement.

Impressed by the initial assessments, the School of Advanced Education Programs acknowledged the potential of eTextbooks in delivering an innovative and enriching learning experience. As a result, the School announced plans to initiate a pilot program for electronic textbooks in selected classrooms, set to commence from January 2024. Furthermore, the School aims to solicit feedback from both educators and students to inform the potential implementation of digital learning materials on a broader scale in the future.


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