National Economics University attended the annual conference of ACCREDITATION COUNCIL FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS (ACBSP) in the United States

09, Tháng 08, 2023

With the goal of improving the quality of training, strengthening international cooperation with universities in the United States and continuing to accredit university programs according to international standards. From June 28 to July 6, 07, the delegation of National Economics University led by Assoc. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong – Vice President as the leader of the delegation visited and worked with a number of partner universities and attended the annual conference of the Global Accreditation Organization (ACBSP), USA.

Also participating in the delegation were, Assoc. Dr. Ho Dinh Bao – Head of Personnel Organization Department; Assoc. Dr. Pham Van Hung – Dean of the Faculty of Investment; Dr. Nguyen Thi Chinh, Dean of the Faculty of Insurance; Dr. Le Viet Thuy – Director of Information Technology Application Center; Dr. Pham Dan Khanh – Deputy Director of Institute of Communications, CLC & POHE; MA Tran Thi Mai Anh – Coordinator of Institute of Communications, CLC &; POHE.

Within the framework of the business trip, the delegation worked with the Higher Accreditation Organization for Undergraduate Programs in Economics (ACBSP), signed a cooperation agreement with Peregrine Academic Services and attended the global conference of ACBSP. The delegation also contacted and concretized some cooperation contents with California State University, Long Beach; California State University, San Bernardino.

The delegation exchanged and worked with Dr. Steve Parscale – Chairman of the Accreditation Council for Academic Accreditation

In Chicago, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the top management of the ACBSP global accreditation organization. During the meeting, Assoc. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong summarized the general contents of National Economics University and outstanding achievements in recent years, after 11 training programs of the University achieved ACBSP accreditation. In 2023, the University is also completing the internal assessment report of 08 new training programs eligible for accreditation. Associate Professor, Vice President expressed his hope that the training programs of National Economics University will continue to be accredited by ACBSP, thereby affirming the training quality of the University.

The delegation attended the global conference of ACBSP

Also within the framework of the visit and working, the delegation had an exchange and working session with Mr. Matthew Ramey – CEO of Peregrine Academic Services. The two sides discussed and signed a cooperation agreement to assess the quality of student training at the request of ACBSP accrediting organization. In 2018, the results of the Advanced and High-Quality Program students through the independent test were assessed by Peregrine at over 60%, higher than the average scores of 44.12% (outside US) and 41.21% (International Council). It is expected that nearly 1000 students of the University will take the external assessment test in the coming 8 months.

ASS. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong – Vice Rector of National University of Science and Technology and Mr. Matthew Ramey – Executive Director of Peregrine Academic Services signed a cooperation agreement on organizing the standard assessment test for the outcome of the program

During this business trip to the US, the delegation also had a meeting with leaders of California State University, Long Beach, including Prof. Karyn Scissum Gunn, Vice Chancellor for Training; Prof. Jeet Joshee, Vice Chancellor; Prof. Michael Solt, Dean of the School of Business; Prof. Pia Gupta, Dean of the Faculty of Finance; Prof. Jasmine Yur-Austin, Vice Chancellor for AACSB accreditation; Prof. Ming Chen – Director of International Business Program.

The delegation visited California State University, Long Beach

This is a university that has been associated with National Economics University for many years and currently the Advanced Program is also built based on the curriculum framework of California State University, Long Beach. Speaking at the meeting, Assoc. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong was pleased to announce the results that National Economics University has achieved in recent years, especially the enrollment, training and improvement of the quality of lecturers of the University. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong highly appreciated the help and contribution of the partners to the overall success of the Advanced Program at National Economics University.

At the meeting, the two sides also agreed to promote more on the transfer of lecturers and students, credit recognition between the two universities and support in the appraisal of the program framework, implementing 2 new training programs of the Advanced program: Business Administration and Financial Planning.

Representative of California State University, Long Beach, Prof. Karyn Scissum Gunn, Vice President for Training, thanked Assoc. Dr. Bui Huy Nhuong and the delegation visited and affirmed that they will continue to further strengthen the cooperation between the two universities in many fields such as exchange of lecturers, students, curricula, evaluation of training programs and scientific research, first of all, will direct the units to quickly complete agreements to receive more lecturers and students of National Economics University to study and research.

The delegation visited at California State University, San Bernardino

Within the framework of the final work program in the United States, the delegation visited California State University, San Bernadino. Here, Vice President Bui Huy Nhuong had an exchange with the President of GS Business School. J. Tomás Gómez-Arias, together with representatives of the school’s units, including Dr. Hyunkyoung Oh, – Acting Dean and Director of International Programs; Dr. Ryan Griffith – Deputy Director of the Institute of Education and International Cooperation; Dr.Anna Ni – Deputy Director in charge of Accreditation; Dr. Tawwon Yang – Dean of the School of Finance.

At the meeting, representatives of the two sides exchanged experiences in training in finance, accounting, experience in implementing AACSB accreditation, and discussed the transfer program, student exchange, lecturer training, review and development of training programs and proceed to implement the 4+1 joint training program between national Economics University and California State University, San Bernadino. Accordingly, students have the opportunity to study 04 years of university in Vietnam, be recognized for credits and study for 01-year at California State University, San Bernadino, after which they will receive a Master’s degree from a partner university. At the meeting, California State University, San Bernardino also shared valuable experiences in implementing AACSB accreditation, an important goal that National Economics University is pursuing.

Also during the visit and working with two schools of the California State University system, the delegation also visited, learned about smart classrooms and the application of information technology with Campus lab software and watermark in management and teaching, serving to innovate wrong training methods to further improve the quality of training in the coming time.


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